Whats the point of concierge?

Whats the point of concierge?

Whats the point of concierge? 2560 1438 Joe Bleasdale

Well, the point is simple really… do you want the hassle of doing all the research every time you take a flight, wondering how to spend the points properly? Are points even the best option for this trip?

Most people don’t have the time, nor knowledge to do this effectively. In fact, that’s one of the reasons most semi-frequent fliers have a balance of points sat in their account – they do not know what to do with them.

Miles concierge is about three key principles:

Getting great value

As i’ve mentioned in previous posts, all points are not created equally. Making sure you get outstanding value from your hard earned points is a must, otherwise – why bother collecting them in the first place?!

Even if you do not want end to end help with a trip, just consulting with us about your potential flight can help you avoid wasting your points. Theres so many options on a flight by flight basis, every trip is unique and it’s worth checking whether you’re going with the best option.

Saving time

All of the legwork required for valuing and spending points takes time. Even doing normal trips that are paid for in cash takes time. Having someone compare the options for you ahead of time is a sure bet for making sure theres no less obvious solutions to your trip left on the table.

We love doing the legwork, almost as much as the travel itself.

Acting impartially

The sad reality is, the travel industry is riddled with websites, blogs and services that are not impartial and don’t really have your best interests at heart. Online travel comparison sites have deals with airline and hotel partners to control what fares you see. Spoiler alert, they aren’t always the best fares!

Blogs tend to monetise through affiliate marketing and again, much like the comparison sites, they have lots of behind the scenes deals and influence going on.

None of this is wrong, it’s straight up business. But you need to navigate these facts to avoid getting an especially bad deal.

If you want clear, concise and impartial information you either need to do the legwork yourself or have a concierge who’s working on your behalf, do it for you.

Thats where we come in. As the UK’s points concierge service, we’re on hand to help you navigate the options available.

Let’s plan your next trip…

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