My process for picking flights

My process for picking flights

My process for picking flights 1100 619 Joe Bleasdale

One of the reasons I started this blog, was because I wanted to try and “productise” how I think about flights. So this week, I am going to share my travel process, and that starts with picking flights.

Airport choice

This is largely defined by your carrier choice, but some airlines do operate from multiple airports.

I try to avoid airlines that are predominantly budget carrier airports. Airports that have lots of national carriers generally tend to be easier to deal with.

Another important factor when looking at airport options is what lounge facilities are on offer. Nobody likes going to an airport with a bad lounge.

Carrier choice

For most people, the carrier is a given. They’ve usually been flying a particular carrier for a long time. In the UK, British Airways is the most common long-haul carrier. They fly to the most destinations directly from London Heathrow. They also benefit from a very good frequent flyer program (Executive Club). So most London based travellers use BA for long-haul travel.

Virgin Atlantic is another good long-haul choice, but doesn’t fly to as many destinations as BA.

I have flown extensively on both but landed on Virgin as my personal choice.

Timing choice

I am a big fan of day flights. So whenever I can, I will pick those.

I like to try and arrive at my destination in the evening so I can adjust to the new timezone more easily.

Sometimes overnight flights cannot be avoided, however. I usually optimise my trip for trying to get upgrades on the overnight part. That’s because having a lie-flat bed to sleep in is such a benefit.

Bottom line

Picking flights is an important part of any trip. Try to travel regularly on the same carrier, this will help you build status and a points balance.

Try and pick flights that not only get you to your destination but help you adjust timezones when you arrive.

In my next article, I’ll talk about picking the right cabin.

Let’s plan your next trip…

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