Fly British Airways Club Suites for less

Fly British Airways Club Suites for less

Fly British Airways Club Suites for less 598 413 Chris West

This article is for you if you want an affordable way to try the British Airways Club Suite.

For those unfamiliar with the Club Suite, this is the new Business Class seat that BA has been rolling out across most of its long haul. I was lucky enough to try this seat on a trip to Dubai back in 2021. The seat is a game changer for BA’s Business Class product. No more tripping over someone’s feet to escape to visit the toilet, every seat has aisle access. The seat itself is bigger, has way more positions to move it into, as well as a lie-flat bed of course. There’s tons of storage space, a huge screen and the best bit, a closing door!

The British Airways Club Suite

Can’t afford a long haul flight right now?

No problem, if you want to try this seat out BA are now running 777’s on some short-haul routes. These include Heathrow to Dublin, Berlin and Frankfurt. Note that not every 777 has been converted to Club Suits yet and some of the routes with wide-body aircraft are 787’s with the old Club seats.

How can you tell if your aircraft has the Club Suite?

On the routes I mentioned above, it will only be on the 777, so first check the aircraft type. You can find that easily by clicking on flight details when you search for flights.

Next, how to find out if your 777 has Club Suite, just look at the seat layout. Club Suites are in a 1-2-1 configuration, if it’s 2-4-2 or 2-3-2 then it’s an older setup.

How to try the Club Suite on a budget

I have a business trip to Frankfurt in April, I found an outbound flight with a 777 that had Club Suites for £146. There wasn’t a wide body on the return, so that’s a normal A320 in Club Europe. The total cost for a Business Class return ticket was £297 (I used 3000 Avios to get £30 off as well).

Bottom line

If you want to try a lie-flat bed on a plane for an hour or two, go looking for 777’s on those routes. The prices are also reasonable!

A couple of warnings:

  • They can always change aircraft before you fly, so nothing is guaranteed!
  • Rumours are that to spread the weight out some people who booked in business class will be made to sit in the premium economy seats (still much nicer than a standard club Europe seat), so book your seat early and near the front!
  • Lastly, don’t wait too long, we’re not sure they’re doing this all year!

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