• Firstly, we work with you to your preferences, and then we’ll put together a suggested itinerary that makes the best use of your miles and points. This will include comparison between cash tickets, cash + upgrade and straight points tickets. You then contact the airline directly to book the trip which ensures you have total control over the trip at all times.

  • Valuing points is not always an easy task. Even basic trips often have multiple options available. We’re here to take the hassle out of the legwork and present you with some curated options that best suit your preferences. And because we work for you, these options are unbias and tailored specifically for you.

  • Our service is great value for long haul, premium cabin trips. Whilst we can help with short haul trips, and other types of travel queries, we specialise in long haul trips where you can get the best value for money on your points.

  • We’ve got nothing against travel agents, but they aren’t well suited to helping with points travel plans because they often do not know the intricacies of the airline loyalty systems well enough to get you great value. They can also be bias and only offer a small number of options to you when often there are many possibilities for a trip.

  • Charging a fee is the only way we can exist and provide value to our customers. Traditional travel agents make their money by claiming commissions that are built into the booking you pay for, but as we cannot do that – we charge a fair fee for our service, directly to you.

  • In almost all cases, there are options. The key to this process is flexibility. We can usually tell you very quickly (and for no fee) whether a trip is likely to be possible or not. In the event we cannot find any suitable options, no fees would be payable.

© 2020 – 2023
Buy My Upgrade All Rights Reserved
© 2020 – 2023
Buy My Upgrade All Rights Reserved
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