Don’t use points to discount cash flights

Don’t use points to discount cash flights

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In this article, we’re going to show you the reason why using points to discount cash flights is a bad idea.

Spoiler alert – it’s a con!

Save with Avios

Ever seen this offer at the bottom of a British Airways booking?

Let’s look at what this means. Remember Avios do have value. Avios are worth roughly 1p at the time of writing.

If we convert the Avios into money and compare it with how much money BA is offering to give you back you’ll see how the deal gets worse as the amount increases:

In short, this is not a good deal, you’re better off spending your Avios on upgrades or flights.

The value you get from an upgrade or reward flight is far better than you’ll ever get from using the Avios to discount cash flights.

Bottom line

About the only time, it makes sense to do this is on short haul flights where you don’t use more than 10,000 Avios. Any other time, as demonstrated above, it’s a bad deal.

If you need help finding reward flights, which are far better value – let us know.

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